Cristina Spinelli

Que me entierren con todo

Jul 1 - Sep 3, 2022
Curated by Carla Gimeno Jaria

Nogueras Blanchard is delighted to announce Que me entierren con todo (May they bury me with everything), a solo exhibition by the artist Cristina Spinelli (Madrid, 1993) as part of the 11th edition of Art Nou.

Cristina Spinelli's artistic practice unfolds from a profound relationship with materials. Her work reveals a kind of modus operandi that allows her to (re)conjugate the meanings inherent to materialities in order to construct new narratives, languages and codes. Her works present an exercise in research and experimentation sustained over time, through which the artist fantasises about the possibility of discovering and manifesting inherent properties that constitute the materials with which she comes into contact.   

A particular fascination with disappearance leads Spinelli to relate to materials and processes that will eventually disappear. Wax, a substance intended to be replaced by nobler materials, is rescued and then moulded with heat, giving it a new body that embraces other objects; fire, instead of destroying, blisters the wall, thus tracing and raising the scar of the shadow of an old piece, making it mutate into new forms; resin and fibreglass impregnate paper to dilute an already unfocused image, which now resists in a translucent trace. We find in these processes a continuous gesture that hides reminiscences of objects that have accompanied the artist throughout her life. Because some of them, as they wear out or even disappear, manage to remain in images and impressions, which Spinelli traces in her work.  

Que me entierren con todo is a game of layering that is articulated from presence and absence. The works that inhabit the gallery space have accompanied the works throughout the process their making. Spinelli moulds and tears, again and again, to get to the root, dissect and (re)construct, unveiling the physical and symbolic. This accompaniment becomes a spiral in which works, materials, shadows and images meet and separate, appear and disappear, reference each other, crawl, affect each other.

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Selected Works

Cristina Spinelli
Flor I


Wax, gloves

19 x 9 x 12 cm (7 1532 x 3 1732 x 4 2332 inches)

Cristina Spinelli
secreto azul (nosotras con tus geranios)


Ancient sculpture, packaging material, fabric, trimmings, polypropylene rope, natural corn straw ribbon

196 x 110 x 90 cm (77 532 x 43 516 x 35 716 inches)

Cristina Spinelli


Fire onto wall

Variable dimensions

Cristina Spinelli
secreto azul (Amador)


Ancient sculpture, packaging material, fabric, trimmings, polypropylene rope, natural corn straw ribbon

136 x 110 x 135 cm (53 1732 x 43 516 x 53 532 inches)

Cristina Spinelli
Pendiente de nombre (C)


Inkjet printing on paper, fiberglass, resin

160 x 105 cm (63 x 41 1132 inches)