Pablo del Pozo


Pablo del Pozo's artistic creations bear a distinctly autobiographical nature, intricately woven with the artist's personal encounters and journey. Themes of belonging, displacement, and nostalgia reverberate throughout his body of work.

In his early pieces, del Pozo explored the fragility of existence by harnessing the inherent qualities of materials such as clay, plaster, pigments, esparto grass, carbide stone, and fire. Through these mediums, the artist provoked contemplation on the essence of daily reality and fleeting moments of joy.

More recently, his artistic exploration has delved into biology, focusing on the cellular dynamics of plants and their reproductive mechanisms. This exploration has spawned new creations that revolve around the germination of life and the celebration of desire.

While maintaining the raw and primal essence of his sculptural practice, del Pozo has expanded his engagement with materials, venturing into the realm of textile art. His investigations specifically center on the intricate manual craftsmanship involved in creating tapestries.

A palpable vitality emanates from his artworks, owing to the elaborate use of color schemes and the wholehearted embrace of an artisanal approach, rich in laborious dedication.

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Mi boca florece como un corte

May 25 - Jul 28, 2023

Hole in the ground

May 26 - Jun 23, 2022

Estar a la lluna

Aug 07 - Sep 26, 2021

We’re delighted to present the second chapter of the joint project by Bombon, Galeria Joan Prats and NoguerasBlanchard, taking place in Fonteta, a small village in the Empordà region from June to September.

The exhibition, conceived in two chapters, brings together artists from three different generations. The proposal begins with a concept from the Empordà Parar la fresca (to take in fresh air) described by Josep Pla in the book Las Horas (The Hours), 1953.


Cuando iba, iba con ella, y cuando volvía, me encontré con ella.

Sep 05 - Oct 26, 2018
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